We are excited to have you visit our family run Inn!  My name is Neal and with the help of my son and team, we are in charge of creating a great stay for you and your loved ones..  Although Kemari is newer to the Island, our family has deep Island roots dating back to 1900, when my paternal great-grandfather purchased the Innisfail located on Corn Neck Road. So, this island is very special to me.

I had the privilege to spend every summer growing up on the Island and even though we were crammed into a tiny cottage on Graces Cove, I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world.  From the age of 14, I worked at several different restaurants, retail business,  taught swimming, sailing and tennis at the Block Island Club and in the early 2000's, I owned a small retail shop in town called Murphy's Irish Imports. Over the years, we have lived in Fort Lauderdale, Huntington, Sag Harbor, Southampton, NYC, Boston and for the last 12 years Los Angeles but Block Island has always been a constant for me!!!!   

Dating back to the mid 70's, my parents and three siblings would often eat Sunday breakfast at the Inn, which at the time was open to the public but who would have guessed that years later it would be ours!  This connection with the Island and the property inspires me to create a memorable experience for all of you!  

The island is such a special place for our family and we intend to create an experience that keeps you coming back year after year!